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Our story

Since 2007, Light Hair Professional has been paving its way in the incredible world of hair cosmetics. It was our passion for hair treatments that drove us to face new challenges, leading us to create our own products.

Today, we are experiencing a journey of constant growth. Our lines are like stories that unfold, with highly desired products such as the Wash Basin Line, Maintenance and Post-Chemical Products, Cassava-Based Products, Volume Reducing Line, Argan Oil Treatment, Shine Spray, Hair Sealing, Line Tint, Whitening Line, and many others.

We are more than a brand, we are people who are passionate about taking care of their hair and, above all, those who trust us. Our journey continues, and each product is an expression of our commitment to hair beauty and well-being. After all, behind each thread, there is a unique and special story.

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Offer to the customer. The best there is in professional products based on the concepts: innovation, quality and fair price.


Be recognized by all professionals. Hairdressers, distributors and end consumers for the maximum quality of our products.


-Primary virtue for us to do a good job. Together we are stronger!

-Complete each task with excellence from start to finish.

Ethics and respect
-Recognize the value that each person has. Customer, collaborator and partners.

-Commit to quality in every action in all departments.

Social responsability

-Helping others is a priority;
The customer: our greatest asset.

Vídeos Institucionais

Conheça a fábrica onde nossos produtos são desenvolvidos com tecnologia avançada e rigorosos padrões de qualidade.

Veja como cada setor da nossa distribuidora funciona para garantir a eficiência e qualidade no atendimento.

Descubra a história da Light Hair, nossa trajetória de crescimento e a visão da nossa CEO e Diretora.

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