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Partner Salon

Enter a universe of elegance and sophistication by becoming a Light Hair Partner Salon. Our journey is a unique experience, guided by six exciting steps that will catapult your salon to the pinnacle of beauty in the region:


1. Personalized Connection: Start your journey by establishing a unique bond with our dedicated saleswoman Light Hair. Receive detailed insights, personalizing your experience towards the partnership from the first contact.


2. Details that Transform: Uncover crucial information about the business proposal and purchasing policy, understanding the exclusive benefits that will shape your salon as a reference and excellence in your region.


3. Consolidation of the Partnership: When placing your order and making payment, your journey as a Light Hair Partner Salon becomes official. This crucial step marks the beginning of a lasting relationship and a journey of continuous loyalty.


4. Exclusive Highlight Kit: Receive our exclusive kit, packed with high-quality elements. From bowls and brushes to attractive banners, exclusive covers, modern brushes and personalized bags, all designed to create memorable experiences for your customers.


5. Customized Publicity Strategies: Maximize your salon's visibility with our publicity strategies. Engaging promotional materials and social-ready marketing videos will make your salon stand out on the digital stage.


6. Recognition as a Partner Salon of Excellence: By following these steps, your salon will not only establish itself, but become an icon of excellence in the community. We offer ongoing support, exclusive benefits and growth opportunities, consolidating your position as a prominent partner salon in the region.


By embracing this journey, you are about to stand out as a renowned Light Hair Salon Partner. We look forward to being part of your success on this exciting journey. Welcome to the Light Hair family, where every detail is a masterpiece of beauty and elegance!


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